Initialmedia - Past, Present, Future
More then 20 years ago a not-for-profit publishing organization in The Netherlands formed the foundation of what Initialmedia has become today. It's birthplace was near Delfshaven (near Rotterdam), The Netherlands. A place known as the place from where the Pilgrims sailed for their journey to America in 1620 to enjoy freedom of religion and speech. 
Today Initialmedia provides networks, not-for-profits and other organizations, services to effectively organise their media supply chain. This allows them to concentrate on their core vision. To create content to share their vision and message to target audiences. Local and global! Grassroots, corporate or institutional.
Headquartered in Hongkong (SAR), Initialmedia serves networks in Asia Pacific, United Kingdom, Continental Europe, North America and Africa. Hubs are located in Colorado Springs (USA), Cape Town (South Africa) and Rotterdam (the Netherlands).

A core management team of Associated Directors are managing a network of professionals, independents and volunteers around the globe to provide the right services on the right service level, location and time at a fair price. Each with their own talents and expertise. Ready and eager to serve.
For more information you can contact us by email.